Company Profile

Blue Sea Star Shipping & Investment Limited (BSS Marine UK) was established in the year 2006 as a representative office for V. Ships Plc (The world’s largest ship management company and provider of A-Z marine related services), to market V. Group services in Iran and other neighbouring Middle Eastern countries. This close association between V. Ships Plc and BSS Marine UK ended in January 2009, due to sensitivity of Iranian shipping market to the political circumstances surrounding Iran and subsequent sanctions imposed on this country.  


Since the stop of our association with V. Ships Plc, we have tried very hard to move the company forward in such a competitive and dynamic industry by relying on our own expertise, knowledge and resources. 


In year 2010, we launched Blue Sea Star Marine Consultancy (UK) Limited incorporated in England and Wales under the companies act 2006- Registration No: 07221400. The company's name was changed to Blue Sea Sar Shipping & Investment Limited at later dates but we are still using BSS Marine UK as our trading name in the marketplace.


At Blue Sea Star Shipping & Investment Limited, we devote considerable time and energy into supporting the business of our clients and ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Our energy is directed into ensuring that new ideas are generated and pursued in a competitive marketplace in order to better serve the requirements of our clients. We all share a common set of values which include Teamwork, Customer Service and Creativity needed to exploit new business opportunities.     


As our industry continues to mature and meets more and more challenges every year, we need to be at the forefront with innovation, dedication and superior performance in order to assist our clients to successfully achieve their objectives. Today, the new challenge for us is to have an active presence in the international marketplace, offer high quality services to our clients worldwide and add value to our customer’s business.


We are here to serve our clients interest and actively listen to their plans and concerns regarding the current and anticipated trading environment and together find ways of tackling challenges ahead.